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Priced to Move

Working on another business venture, so I have lowered these prices and my future pricing structure in order to raise some additional funds and provide you with a great piece or batch. I hope this motivates you to continue to shop with Opal Outlet. You can always contact me at [email protected] for questions, comments or to make offers.

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Opal Outlet brings a bit of Australia Home to the USA


Boulder Opal 72

Sometime around the year 2009, I spoke with a neighbor that was moving out of a place a few doors down.  He had enlisted my stepsons to help him load the truck.  The man and I started talking about his overseas adventures that he was on for his work and he mentioned that he would buy Rubies while in Thailand.  I never before met anyone with such an experience and I thought about it well after the man was gone.

My first Ruby

I started researching the buying and selling of rubies and that expanded to other gemstones as well.  After some time, I created Gems of Nirvana.  I named the business after my daughter.  A couple years after my start, I met a fella from Australia.  He owned opal mines in Australia so I began to slowly bring different types of opals to the USA to market and sell online.

Boulder Opal 80202 from 2010

I went from Gems of Nirvana to the Opal Outlet store you see here.  I am rebuilding this store from the ground up.  I hope you enjoy the items you see here and feel welcomed to purchase and enjoy them as well.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


Rich Miller

Opal Outlet